Lara + Mo : Infinity Was Born

They are Lara Mele and Maurice Wills (Mo as he's affectionately known) and this is their little baby, Infinity Multisport! (tah-da!!) "Infinity" meaning "without end" and "unboundness" refers to various concepts that pop up constantly in everything from philosophy to science. So what does that have to do with multisport training and coaching? Simple really. Lara and Mo chose the name Infinity because as endurance athletes dealing with physical, mental and emotional capabilities every single one of us has an unlimited capacity to learn, excel and achieve our goals.

Lara and Mo have 20 years of combined coaching experience between them. TWENTY YEARS!!! Both have trained athletes and personally raced in every distance from Sprint to Ironman. Mo has knocked out 7 Ironmans and Lara with an impressive 5 under her belt. Lara says though she trails ever so slightly in this little competitive mix, she makes up for it with her stunningly good looks (heh heh)!!