Lara + Mo : The Qualified Duo

Lara, a Chicago native, holds a Masters in Exercise Science from University of Illinois Chicago, a USAT Level 1 Triathlon Certification and a Level 3 USA Cycling Coaching Certification. She is a Certified Spinning© Instructor and Personal Trainer. That's Lara in a nutshell.

Mo, a Maryland drop-ship, holds a BS in Accounting from North Carolina A&T State University, where he ran Track & Field and Cross-Country. He is a USAT Level II Coach, a Certified Total Immersion and ChiRunning Instructor and Master Trainer for Heart Zones. In addition, Mo is a CPA, so not only will he coach you through a successful triathlon season, but can also find you some good tax exemptions on your next return!

The duo also shares athletic interests outside the multisport world such as adventure racing, marathons, ultra-running, cyclocross, mountain biking and even snowboarding! Who is the better snowboarder? Well, that still remains to be seen!! All that being said, Lara and Mo hope you join them for a class, group training or even private coaching soon. They know and guarantee that they'll be able to guide you through your journey to becoming the best endurance athlete you can; promising it to be insightful, amazing and fun the whole ride!!