Infinity Multisport offers a variety of swim, bike and run classes and clinics for athletes of all levels. • Class Schedules

SpeedWork - For all levels of runners, this class consists of tempo, hill and fartlek sessions that will enable you run with greater speed over longer distances.

Momentum – This class will focus on improving speed in conjunction with running mechanics and increasing leg turnover. The sessions are a mixture of challenging tempo and interval workouts done on a track. • Register/Pay: 16Register/Pay: 18Register/Pay: 22

ChiRunning - Chi Running combines the inner focus and flow of T'ai Chi with the power and energy of running to create a revolutionary running form and philosophy that takes the pounding, pain, and potential damage out of the sport of running. Learn the keys to effortless, injury free running! • Register/Pay: BasicRegister/Pay: AdvancedRegister/Pay: Full Day